Eugene’s Story

Since I was a small child, I studied hard to get good grades. I didn’t really know why but I knew I had to do it…..

eugene seah's childhoodAs I grew older, I was told that good grades increased the likelihood of good jobs, and thus income stability.

My job wasn’t my passion, but it paid me a decent salary and provided for my family, so I continued like a zombie. Day after day. Month after month.

Each time I heard that someone left his job to pursue his passion of helping others, I would secretly wish to do the same. But I didn’t DARE to. My family was counting on me to bring home the bacon. My job provided a monthly stream of income and I was the sole breadwinner. I felt comfortable and secure.

As much as I realized helping others is my passion, I ignored the voice within. Whenever the voice spoke, my mind questioned “What if my business didn’t take off?”, “What if I ended up becoming bankrupt and a burden to my family?” Many, many “what-ifs”. So I continued the corporate march.

Then in late 2013, I was let go….

Hundreds of my colleagues were retrenched during the same period. I received a call from HR, went into a room where my manager and saw my colleague from HR sitting there. I knew what was happening but I felt surprisingly calm. In fact, I even felt relieved. I thought: wow, now I have no excuse. I will HAVE to pursue my passion! No more what-ifs, no more buts. That’s it, my life was going to take off in a whole new direction!

I wish I could tell you a fairy tale ending,

that things became “happily ever after.” But that would be lying. The next few months felt like a roller coaster ride, with surprises and heartaches, ecstasy and rejections. Becoming a trainer and coach was more challenging than I had envisioned. There were many occasions that I was tempted to give up my dream and apply for another familiar job in a bank.

But I didn’t give up.

Deep in my heart, I knew that this was my destiny. I was convinced that the challenges were short-lived, and things would be fine soon. I networked aggressively and made new friends with fellow trainers and entrepreneurs who have gone the same path and made it. Each time I met them, I felt inspired and motivated. During this period, I also recognized the critical importance of Personal Branding and started learning as much as I could about it. I applied principles of Personal Branding to my life and business, and started attracting more clients and media interest. I appeared on TV and was interviewed by media. I started speaking at major corporations and educational institutions.

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Fast forward to present day, and I’ve now trained hundreds of professionals, business owners, managers and students from various industries and nationalities on Personal Branding, Sales, Motivation and Influential Leadership. I still have much to learn and improve, and sometimes I still experience rejections and disappointments. But I am now living my dream, which is more than what I could say a few years ago.

Each time someone expresses gratitude for inspiring them and teaching them new skills, I feel recharged. What happened in late 2013 was sad and shocking, but in retrospect, it was a blessing in disguise. Without that fateful event, I would not be on this new and exciting journey to fulfill my destiny and to make a difference in the world.

It is not a coincidence that you are reading my story. You too have a life purpose and a dream to fulfill. And my mission is to help you achieve your dream earlier rather than later.

Eugene Seah

Your Personal Branding Coach

Eugene Seah silver coach award