What he’s doing is beyond financial planning, it’s life coaching based on the spirit of Abundance.

Daniel Chew, IT professional

It’s common knowledge that money is an extremely powerful vehicle.
Those who learn to manage it well, are empowered to achieve their life goals sooner rather than later.

Those who don’t manage it well, end up with financial struggles and regrets.

For the first fifteen years after Eugene started work, he ignored the power of money as a vehicle, and ended up suffering a financial disaster in 2014 and 2015.

He was at the bottom 20% of income earners in Singapore and had to receive government financial aid. In 2016, he made a commitment to master this vehicle, and within a year plus he was awarded the MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table), given to the top 5% performers in the financial consulting industry.

More satisfying than his personal success, is helping his clients achieve abundance.

I just got married and there are so many things to plan! It’s easy to neglect the financial aspects of marriage and I’m very glad to be coached by Eugene on this. He taught me how to set financial goals and what tools to use to achieve those goals. He also goes beyond finance to coach us on our marriage and business too. Thanks Eugene!

Helen Goh

Financial Professional

What is abundance?

Abundance is much more than wealth. It means a life with more than enough joy, more than enough
fulfilment, more than enough kindness, more than enough opportunities.

More than enough of everything good that you are seeking in your life.

Eugene’s clients enjoy much more than sound financial advice and access to the best financial products.

But don’t take his word for it, read what his clients say below.


I enjoy talking to Eugene. I learn a lot from him about many aspects of life, including financial, spiritual, family and even dating. So far my school has never taught me these lessons and I’m glad to be able to learn them from Eugene. He’s very approachable and I can ask him any questions I have.
Ang Ching Yang

SAF Pilot

I have many friends who are financial consultants but no one does it like Eugene. He organises many fun and unique events for his clients, including luxury yacht trips, movie experiences, durian parties, business networking, inspirational talks and community outreach. What he’s doing is beyond financial planning, it’s life coaching based on the spirit of Abundance.

Daniel Chew

IT Professional

Eugene is not only my financial advisor, he’s also my trusted friend, and helps me with retirement planning, and at the same time give my son a financial advantage. As a popular speaker and coach, he also creates unique and inspirational networking opportunities to bring like-minded people together for greater synergies. If you’re looking for a holistic financial coach who can advise you on finances, family, and future-ready skills, I would not hesitate to recommend him.
Kenny Lew

Career Coach

Eugene Seah is a member of the prestigious MDRT (Million Dollar Round Table) Club, representing the world’s top 5% of all financial consultants.

Unlike many other financial consultants, Eugene focuses on his clients’ life goals as the destination, and leverages on financial strategies as the vehicle. He is well known for combining wealth-building tools with people mastery and abundance mindset to empower his clients to live a fulfilling life.


Eugene is the founder of Trainium Academy, a coaching and training institution that empowers teams to achieve their goals.

Eugene’s life mission is to empower you to live a life that has more than enough or what he calls the "life of abundance". Complete this form to register for his complimentary 1-hour abundance coaching.

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