Eugene has the ability to push everyone beyond his or her own limits.

Oxana Martynova, Head of Learning and Development, KPMG Lower Gulf

Eugene is recognised as one of the leading personal brand coaches in Singapore.

He was an ordinary jobless man in 2014, and within two short years he was featured in multiple media and invited by top companies around the world to coach their teams.
Through this process of successfully branding himself, he discovered two core elements of mastery:

Self Mastery

The first element of branding yourself is how you master your own belief system and emotional state. What do you believe about your mission and potential? How do you manage your emotions through every situation you face?

Trust Mastery

The second element is the mastery of building trust. What you say and do online and offline, will either build trust or distrust, and it’s totally in your control. Are you mindful about what you write and say? Do you know how to build trust in the shortest possible time?

Our team continued to practice and revise his course materials and after 3 months we saw a growth of 33% in monthly sales. Eugene’s coaching is definitely one of the key ingredients to the team’s leap in performance. 

Jason Kow

Associate Marketing Director, GSK

Unlike many other personal branding coaches who focus mainly on appearance and grooming, Eugene focuses on self mastery and trust mastery, which covers a full range of branding tools and skills, including:

When all these tools and skills are combined, they have the synergistic effect of multiplying his clients’ income and impact. Eugene calls this the “Superbrand Me” effect.


Social Media Strategy


Media Relation


Public Speaking and Coaching


Innovation and Imagination


Persuasive Writing


Influence and Negotiation Skills


Ecosystem Creation


He is skilled in customizing training curriculum and has a briefcase filled with powerful set of
case studies and strategies, catering to your needs and goals.

Jonathan Han

ST Engineering

Eugene is one of the best trainers I’ve worked with in terms of injecting realism into the topic and making it fun for the learner.

Karen Ang

Head of Health Ambassadors, Health Promotion Board

I really like the practical and easy to apply strategies which can be more useful than
those discussed in counselling sessions. I especially appreciate his openness to
sharing about his experiences and journey. I’m beginning to see positive changes in
my life and I strongly believe his coaching can help anyone to gain clarity in their life
and business.

Samantha Tang

Psychologist at Inspire Psychology

From having zero experience in business to being sought after for my views from my peers in the industry in 2 years, Eugene played a pivotal role in who I am today.

He cares deeply and he does whatever he can to help the people around him be aware and work on the unfulfilled potential they have within them.

Mike Li

Wealth Strategist

Passionate, knowledgeable, and personable, Eugene Seah is a wonderful personal branding coach. What really struck me about Eugene was the way he cared for each and every participant, even after the course has ended. I strongly recommend Eugene as a personal coach, mentor and trainer in the field of personal branding.

Walter Lim

Chief Content Strategist, Cooler Insights

Today is the first day I am back to the office after your training, and I feel I am a totally different person after your class! I became happier in work and would like to share more with my co-workers.

Amanda Wang

Mizuho Taipei

Eugene is a very authentic coach that shows in every interaction that I had with him. His heart is to serve what is best for the client, build deeper relationships and support them in their journey.

Manish Arneja

Leadership Coach

Eugene has the ability to push everyone beyond his or her own limits, and is a very valuable resource for leaders and their teams.

Oxana Martynova

Head of Learning and Development, KPMG Lower Gulf

Eugene is the founder of Trainium Academy, a coaching and training institution that empowers teams to achieve their goals.

Eugene’s life mission is to empower you to live a life that has more than enough or what he calls the "life of abundance". Complete this form to register for his complimentary 1-hour abundance coaching.

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